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These toys have become very popular lately, so I’ve created this site as a resource to help you. There are some reviews to help you pick the best fidget cubes and toys, and also I regularly add articles that cover common questions about them, such as whether or not fidget toys help with anxiety.

Our most popular search is from people looking for the best fidget cubes, so we’ve got our top 5 list below, and you can browse the site for more resources.

There are many fidget cube benefits such as treating anxiety, depression, stress, and reducing the effects of autism. I have personally tested many different types of fidget cubes to help deal with my crippling anxiety, and I strongly recommend them. I wish that I had gotten one years ago, because my life had drastically changed since first purchasing one. It helps me be more productive at my job, and my son uses them to control his ADD at school. I believe fidget cubes will be used universally in the very near future. There are so many available, it can be difficult to find the best fidget cubes and know if they’re high quality. That’s why I’m sharing my knowledge.

Here are the five best fidget cubes of 2017.

1. Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube by Ralix

This cube is my go-to. The calming sensation that I get when this is in my hand can hardly be described by words. I feel much less pressure bearing down on me while using it. Absolutely my favorite, and it’s available in four colors.


2. Fidget Toy Fun Cube by Muggle Shop

Very luxurious cube at a slightly premium price. Well worth the extra few dollars if you think you will be a heavy user.


 #3. FabQuality Cube by FabQuality

The great thing about this fidget cube is that it comes with a free case. Great for keeping your cube in good shape when not in use. I also really like the way the gears click on this one.

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#4. Wedual Fidget Cube by Fidget Cube

One of the best choices to get your child, because it’s made of a more durable silicone material. It’s also available in a whopping 13 colors.


#5. Fidget Cube by Trianium

What I really love about this cube is the detailed images that Trianium gives us to describe each side of the cube. You will know exactly how each side works by looking at their Amazon page.


Those were what I think are the top fidget toys. Choose one today and get on the path to tranquility! If you’re considering a fidget toy, you may want to take a look at the best fidget spinners as well.